Hawthorn Blossom

This morning I suggested that we check out a park in Gore that we haven’t visited since we moved here in February, called Hamilton Park. We crossed a large green open space and found a walking track on the other side. To our delight we found lots of hawthorn trees in blossom, mostly in varying shades of pink. We walked along the track and took lots of blossom photos before reaching a fast-running stream (we’ve had a lot of rain lately so all the rivers are high). On our way back to the car I took a shot looking back across the green space toward the distant hawthorn blossom and another of a daisy-covered lawn (appeared to be an ex croquet or bowls lawn). I love daisies!

Photos taken by Liz Sun 11 Nov 2018. Gore, Southland, New Zealand











Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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      1. Actually not the first, Liz. We have had light snow a couple of times already, but it melted quickly. Where we live, it usually does not stick around for very long. But while it lasts, it looks very pretty. 😊

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      1. I think that the hawthorn trees at the back of our old garden had started off as a hedge many years ago. They’re very good for wildlife.

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