Arrowtown Delight

Arrowtown is a beautiful old town that dates back to the goldmining days.. so many of these locations in Otago came to life in the days of the goldrush in the 1860s. Arrowtown is near to the resort of Queenstown and is famous for its gold mining history, historic buildings, and fabulous autumn colours. Nevertheless, it has a growing population of residents for whom it is simply “home”. Despite the influx of tourists, its still a truly wonderful town that has loads of character. Property values have skyrocketed, particularly in the last decade.

Nigel took these two photos when we were walking to the town centre via some side streets on 27 October 2018. This corner property with an attractive house and Cornus (dogwood) in full bloom caught our eye. Magic combination!

Arrowtown, Queenstown Lakes District, New Zealand



Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Just lovely! I enjoyed visiting Arrowtown when on a cycling holiday a year or so ago. I have just planted one of these dogwood trees ion my garden, as it was a gift from staff. I can’t wait to see it flower like this in a few years time.

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      1. The scenery of the whole South Island, cycling along the Otago Rail Trail and discovering delightful places along the way. It was our first trip to NZ but since then we’ve been back to the North Island. Love it!!

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