Walk this way, Drive that way

“Which Way” in Gore. On 22 Oct when we walked over the Mataura River via the highway and pedestrian bridge, Nigel got a close-up of the sign that I usually see from the car. It shows that there’s a roundabout (traffic circle) up ahead and to go straight ahead if you’re heading into the town centre or south toward Invercargill. Lots of big trucks travel through Gore and there are southern and western bypasses to keep them out of the Gore town centre. Southland, New Zealand. Photos by Nigel (1,2) others by Liz

Posted for:  Which Way Photo Challenge November 08, 2018


Step back and you can see the pedestrian walkway alongside the highway. Just today I saw in the paper that they’re talking about building a pedestrian and cycle bridge just upstream of this one. First I knew of it, that’d be great!


Here’s a lane behind the Gore main street shops. A narrow walkway allows pedestrian access straight through to the main street. Also taken 22 Oct.


I was intrigued to find that there’s a mural of a steam train on the wall (and directly behind me and the lane that I’m on, is the real railway track).


Which leads me to share with you a few photos of a steam locomotive in action at Mandeville on 20 Oct. Mandeville is a tiny village that nonetheless boasts an airfield, a museum of aircraft mainly from the 1920s and 30s most of which actually fly, art exhibition space, and the wonderful Miss Cocoa Coffee Cafe. You can also book rides in vintage aircraft (tiger moth / fox moth / dominie/rapide)

These activities are all featured with great photos and info at the Experience Mandeville website. Mandeville is only a 10-minute country drive from Gore.

Rogers K-92 steam engine…




Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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