Colours in Bannerman Park

We walked through Bannerman Park on 02 November and everywhere we looked there were so many colours! We’re fortunate to have this lovely park in close walking distance to our rental house. Gore, Southland, New Zealand. Nigel took all these photos except the last two. All the bright colours are azaleas.

The first photo is of Drimys winteri





Beautiful cones on this conifer that we passed as we entered the park..


The next one I cropped out of a vertical shot that Nigel took..


From a large conifer tree, the cones were tiny in relation to the tree size..


Another azalea that looked stunning, deep salmon colour..




Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

25 thoughts on “Colours in Bannerman Park

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    1. Beautiful display indeed. So glad we got the photos because we’ve just returned from walking that same path and the glorious flowers are already well into their decline (not helped by our recent hard rain I guess).


    1. Its great! We were there just a few days ago and now the hostas have grown, so we saw lots of different foliage colours and patterns (there’s a labelled hosta collection in a small woodland area). Always something happening!

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  1. I’ll say! You’ve covered quite a range, Liz. Those pink blossoms, (? azaleas) are extraordinarily wow. I really like the cones, too—something about the symmetry, I think. I expect you’ll be making fun finds there all of your summer.

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