Seating at Switzers

When we visited the location of the old 1860s gold mining town of Switzers near Waikaia, I also took photos of the concrete picnic table and seats that are near the church. What a lovely place this is, and I’m so glad to now live near here. To see the church and the detail of the lovely cross see my post  Switzers Church and Cross. Photos taken by Liz, 20 Oct 2018. Southland, New Zealand




Click on the photo to enlarge (below)


Nigel took took this photo and I thought I’d share it for a laugh. The wind has spiked my hair, I fit in well with the pine trees don’t I? 🙂


My first contribution to the Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge (Week 9)

Text by Liz, Photos by Liz except the last by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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        1. Haha! On a good day its lovely and warm but we’ve just had a return of winter for a few days, very cold and pouring with rain. Just as well I’ve got lots of photos from places we’ve been on the nice days! Sun has just come out again this afternoon at last 🙂

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