Peony or Paeony

I love the waves of different flowers cycling through this spring season. Now peonies are coming in to bloom. We found this beautiful bloom when walking through Gore Gardens on 02 Nov 2018. There were a couple of blooms, heads hanging downwards, and I went over and lifted one to see what it was like, and gasped with delight! Nigel took this photo while I held the flower head. Gore Gardens, Southland, New Zealand


I won’t be publishing any more posts today but I’d like to make a couple of recommendations to other blogs that I’ve enjoyed this morning…


Wendy from the North Island (NZ) who identified my bright pink flowers as Ixia posted three photos of her own Ixia plants in flower, each with a different colour. Well worth taking a look.. one of her examples has BLUE flowers! At:  Ixia In Many Colours

PARIS IN PICTURES, SCENE ON THE STREET : My poet friend Damien B. Donnelly from Paris, whom I featured in Hunger is Not a Harbour provides us with his own take on life as he finds it on the streets of Paris – his gallery of photos is stunning.. colour, style, lifestyle, quirky and loads of fun to view!

Text by Liz, Photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Beautiful Liz. One of the flowers we in the North Island are generally not cold enough for but it doesn’t stop us trying. Finally, this year one of my peonies has flower buds on it. I can’t wait to see what I get.

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