Aronui Dam at Alexandra

Yesterday on our way home to Gore from Queenstown via Central Otago we bypassed Alexandra. Before leaving the area, I asked Nigel to turn part-way toward Alexandra as I wanted to find something I’d read about called Jolendale Park, on a side road. We found the park and had a look around – its a dry, rocky park, typical of Central Otago, planted with a range of conifer trees and eucalyptus, providing some relief from the hot sun. The previous owners had started planting the site in 1960 and now its in public ownership.

I didn’t take photos in Jolendale Park but as we emerged from the park we could see some kind of pond. On further investigation it turned out to be a dam with an interesting stone-built face toward the road. We’d seen the stone face from down the road earlier but hadn’t been able to see the water, so the dam came as quite a surprise!

Duck and her six ducklings on the dam. It started raining just after I took this.


I took a quick photo of the dam face before we hurried down the hill to find the car, the rain came in heavy!

*Click on the photo to enlarge*


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)



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