Queenstown Cream

All of these photos were taken by me in Queenstown Gardens on 27 Oct 2018. Most are selected for this post due to their cream or lemon colours – I seemed to have a bunch of photos that fitted this description. There are also many brightly coloured flowers in the gardens but those photos are for a separate post. – Liz

I was delighted that the lilacs were in flower and hit the jackpot here with a beautiful creamy-white lilac, a mauve and a purple! The low chartreuse mounds are Euphorbias and I’m assuming they’re Euphorbia polychroma. I love their bright colour


When we lived in Queenstown we had Euphorbia polychroma in our own garden


The same creamy-white lilac with a snowy peak in the distance


I think this huge mound of creamy-lemon flowers is a form of Kerria japonica


The whole plant. The flower is similar to a very small rose


Here’s a photo of the sculpture you could see in the last photo. This is “Fleur”


Lastly I want to show you two photos of a native divaricating shrub named Corokia cotoneaster. Its a nondescript grey shrub for most of the year but in spring its beautiful with a profuse display of little starry yellow flowers followed by small red berries


qgardens_cream_08Aren’t they lovely?

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

8 thoughts on “Queenstown Cream

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  1. They are all lovely, Liz, showing the glories of spring. The lilacs are just wonderful, I can smell them from here. Fleur is a delight, and those yellow tulips around the base are a fun touch.

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      1. Interesting that the different colors are all in bloom at the same time. My memories of them growing up was that they were staged, which made them last, but not as wonderful as all that color together.

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  2. Lovely photos – you have me thinking about spring again! We have several lilacs in the garden, including the white and a purplish one that has white edges to the flowers. I look forward to them every year. 🙂

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