Wakapatu Cemetery


We found this cemetery yesterday while driving along the south coast. To get here we left the highway and took a gravel road to the coast. The cemetery is on a steep bluff, high above the sea. Immediately after the cemetery there was a closed gate across the road. There was no sign on the cemetery gate and we guessed it was private so Nigel took this photo from the roadside. We had no idea at all that we would find this, we were simply taking a random road and “exploring”. It felt a very special place.

Wakapatu Cemetery, south coast, west of Colac Bay
Southland, New Zealand. Taken 30 October 2018 by Nigel

I’ve cropped part of the scene (below), *click on the photo to enlarge*


I’ve found a web page that shows more of the cemetery to the left of this photo, at the following link:  Wakapatu Cemetery  There is also a little more information.

Text by Liz, Photo taken by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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