Chocolate Cafe Mural


Mural detail inside Patagonia’s chocolate and ice-cream cafe, Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand – their flagship store on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. Nigel took these yesterday, 27 Oct. *Click on the above photo to enlarge*

The mural is on the wall behind the stairs that lead from the ground floor to the first floor of the cafe. For more info about the cafe see their web page.

The photo below is similar to mine that I posted yesterday but the fork and cake to the left were only partially visible in mine. *Click on the photo to enlarge*


I’m so glad Nigel took the next shot, it shows the mural layout.
*Click on the photo to enlarge*


Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. That’s a good idea, especially at this time of year when they’re not crazy busy – you could get away with doing that and not get run down by mobs of people going up and down the stairs! Summer or winter would be a different story – Queenstown being supremely busy at both those times.

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