Hearts and Flowers

After relaxing in Bannerman Park on Labour Day and then deciding to walk into town, we were both stopped in our tracks by these lovely flowers. We were getting near to the exit to the street but still within the park, and these were near the path. The funny thing with the heart shaped flowers was that neither of us noticed it was in the shape of a heart until we looked at the photo… where its plain as day! How did we not see that? Beats me! At the time we just loved the white flowers.

Top two photos by Nigel, last two photos by Liz. Mon 22 October 2018
Bannerman Park, Gore, Southland, New Zealand


Do you love Hearts? You could check out my other post  Pink, Gold and Green  which includes photos of Bleeding Hearts flowers with hearts strung out along a stem (golden foliage form). If you don’t like the yellow foliage you can get the same plant with green foliage. Also see Clare’s post  My Chain of Hearts – another wonderful heart plant

Bright pink and orange rhododendron flowers mingling together




Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)


11 thoughts on “Hearts and Flowers

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  1. Oh I don’t think I’ve ever seen such prolific rhododendrons over here. They are spectacular and an interesting colour combination.

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    1. The flowers and blossom that we’re having this spring are incredible. Yesterday we drove past the racecourse entrance and they have a long driveway lined with rhododendrons – its just blazing with colour!

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