Bar Manager

Quick service at Waikaka Hotel, the bar manager serves eight customers at a time


We visited Waikaka Hotel two days in a row over Labour Weekend and only noticed the spider on the second visit! We were amazed we’d failed to notice it the day before – just as well its not for real 🙂


Waikaka Hotel is at the heart of a small country village named Waikaka located about 20 minutes drive from Gore. I’ve previously posted pictures of Waikaka including the hotel in Out in the Countryside

— Web page with more information about Waikaka Hotel including a map.

Some dramatic New Zealand spider photos were posted today by Wendy from the North Island. Take a look if you’re interested in spiders. Its a native water spider…

“This native water spider, dolomedes aquaticus, sprinted across the surface of the stream and up The Man of House’s leg while he was working on the water wheel.” – see the photos at Meet the Residents: Water Spider

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)
Photo credits: First photo by Nigel, last photo by Liz


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