To Labour or not to Labour

In New Zealand this is a holiday weekend with today, Monday, termed Labour Day. Unusually for Labour Weekend the weather has been fabulous and we’ve got out and enjoyed each day. Nigel’s been so busy growing his business as a landscape architect that he rarely takes time off, its been great to see him relaxing! He did a little work in the late morning, then in the early afternoon I suggested we walk to Bannerman Park to see if we could find somewhere nice and shady to relax.

Bannerman Park is near where we live in Gore, Southland, New Zealand

Relaxing At Bannerman Park

We found this lovely field and let ourselves in through the gate, then settled down under a shady tree and thought we had the field to ourselves. Later we were surprised by some sheep approaching! Our presence caused some consternation and then they all disappeared under a tree that had foliage drooping down to near ground level – it effectively hid them.

Chilling out in the shade on a very warm afternoon


Nigel NOT burdened with labour


Views from our nice shady spot

Below us…


The sheep disappeared under the tree on the left with spreading foliage (photo below). You can see one of the sheep to the left of the tree


“Our” tree


More lovely trees, from my side this time


And a vertical shot to show you the tall tree


Nigel has his own blog at Growplan

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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