Best Ice-Creams

Saturday 20 October, after stopping at Mandeville and watching the steam train, we drove to one of our favourite little country villages. Its way off the highway in the middle of nowhere and boasts a large bottle-shaped building made of 20,000 wine bottles (previous post). We had pizza and drinks at the pub and then crossed the road to the general store to check out the ice-creams on offer.

This is what we found and what we took away. Waikaia, Southland, New Zealand

Ice-Cream At Waikaia

Here’s the general store at Waikaia. The bike on the roof has an “Arkwright’s General Store” sign and the flag says “Open All Hours”. This weekend is a holiday weekend in New Zealand so there’s lots of kids around – hence the number of parked bikes. Labour Weekend is renowned for being rainy but this year, as you can see, we’re enjoying wonderful weather!

*Click on the photo to enlarge*See the iconic bottle house in the background


The colours of ice-cream. I chose the green (after-dinner mint). There was another colour I’d asked about and Nigel decided to get that one – licorice.


They were delicious ice-creams and generous servings too – these are “single scoop”.


Later in the afternoon we returned to get a cup of tea which we enjoyed in the room you can see behind the ice-creams. As we were leaving through the far door I was momentarily startled when the door-stop caught my eye. Hahaha!


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

28 thoughts on “Best Ice-Creams

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    1. I love mint but I’m not keen on chocolate bits in anything so this was perfect with its combo of a very chocolatey ice-cream and mint ice-cream. It really did taste like the mint from after-dinner mint chocolates!

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  1. Wow. That ice cream looks delicious. Out of curiosity I decided to look for Waikaia on a map and it is no exaggeration when you say that it is in the middle of nowhere. As far as I can tell you must have been travelling on Highway 94 and maybe turned off on a little road near Riverdale. Like others, I love the doorstop–what a perfect and practical item for that location.

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    1. Spot on! To be exact we turned off at Fingerpost Rd which quickly became Fingerpost-Pyramid Rd, then Riversdale-Pyramid Rd, Two Chain Rd, Riversdale-Waikaia Rd, then Willington St into Waikiaia itself ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yikes. I obviously need more detailed maps. I decided to try to track a bit the location of the places that you visit to get a feel for some of the geography of New Zealand, more particularly of the South Island.

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    1. Oh yes, and adult memories of trying to avoid walking in ice-cream melting on the pavement. I think that’s why I got a momentary shock as I moved to step out the door.. and a few milliseconds later I was laughing ๐Ÿ™‚

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