Street Blossom

Spring flowers and blossom come and go. At the moment when we walk into town we’re seeing a fair bit of deep pink colour. The first photo shows a very pretty blossom tree on one of our favourite routes. There’s a few of these trees planted in a row between the footpath and the street. Gore, Southland, New Zealand

gore_street_blossom_pink_01Taken by Nigel 17 Oct 2018

Along an alley between two streets is this colourful rhododendron (3 photos)

gore_street_blossom_pink_02Above photo taken by Liz 11 Oct 2018

Last two photos taken by Nigel 16 Oct 2018


Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. Yes, I liked it so much I asked Nigel to take photos as well in case he got better ones than me and it was nice to have a range of shots. These seem to grow into enormous trees judging from other trees with the same coloured flowers that I’ve seen in various spots around town on people’s properties. It seems this is just a small one!


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