Magical Moa

Moa Flat is a picturesque rural farming area in West Otago, between Gore and Central Otago. Sometimes we choose to take this relatively minor route because of its beauty. A local farming couple commissioned an artist to create a moa sculpture for a roadside portion of their property. Its a fantastic icon for Moa Flat.

Nigel (my OH) travelled via Moa Flat on Saturday 06 October, on his way back from a business trip to Central Otago. Nigel is a Landscape Architect with a special focus on farm and industrial landscape issues, mostly working in the South Island of New Zealand. These photos were all taken by Nigel

Nigel’s website is atย  Growplan

His WordPress blog is atย  Growplan Blog

Moa Sculpture at Moa Flat

Landmark sculpture commissioned by farmers Kerry and Richard France; created by artist Clive Seddon. Life-sized moa from galvanised iron. The owners completed the feather work themselves using fencing wire.

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Native landscape in the above photo includes cabbage trees, kowhai tree with the yellow flowers, and tussock.



Way back in 2009 we’d seen the same sculpture and it had been ‘doctored’ by the couple’s friends. I think this was a response to some mishap that Richard had suffered in real life.

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Further Reading

Perendale stud thriving in moa heartland

Moa sighted in gardens in the south

Text by Liz, all photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

15 thoughts on “Magical Moa

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  1. If only settlers hadn’t created the farmland and the Moa still existed today. That would be truly amazing. Such is the march of time and “progress”. ๐Ÿ˜• Love the sculpture though! Do you think there is something about humans why we like rolling green landscapes instead of dense forest?

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    1. I haven’t checked my facts but I think moa had already gone the way of the dodo before white settlers arrived. And re the rest.. Well, the rich and powerful just want to USE everything. They leave a mess and the next lot then want to tidy everything up and make it productive. Seems to play out like this over and over!


          1. Yep. Good memory! ๐Ÿ˜„ Studying not far off finishing now and volunteering still continuing…hoping the study will lead to work but time will tell on that score. Not sure what I’ll do with all of the spare time when it reappears…

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              1. Indeed. The course I’ve been doing is related to Captive Wild Animal Management but covers conservation as well. Its primarily targeted at zookeeping which has been an absolute joy to learn about this year, It’s fair to say jobs are at a premium though,

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