Butter and Egg Road

This is a road with a very interesting name! We found it while driving through the rural area around Macraes in East Otago (this road branches off from Macraes Road). Macraes is known for a long history of gold extraction and I believe the modern Macraes Mine is New Zealand’s largest gold mine.

These two photos were taken by Nigel when we visited the area in 2009.

For:  Which Way Photo Challenge 04 October 2018

Butter & Egg Rd



Text by Liz and Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

16 thoughts on “Butter and Egg Road

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  1. Very fun! My grandparents used to talk about someone who was a “butter-and-egg man,” traveling from farm to farm with special cases to collect up eggs, and butter, and then traveling into Philadelphia to supply the neighborhood grocers.

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    1. Big “thank you” to you Robert! Who would have thought? We had no idea at all from where this strange road name could have come from. This memory of yours provides an idea of a possible background scenario!

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    1. that’s what made Nigel look out the photo.. he was thinking it was bacon & egg rd and i was saying no, not bacon.. i think its butter, so he found the photo and butter & egg it was – as strange as that sounds!

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