Terrific Tulips

Couldn’t take my eyes off these tulips when we were in Gore Public Gardens on 01 October 2018. Their bright golden flowers are showstoppers! Fortunately Nigel took some photos – his show the golden yellow of the blooms. I couldn’t imagine a brighter yellow! I ditched my photos as they didn’t capture the true colour.

Gore, Southland, New Zealand
First three photos taken by Nigel, last photo taken by Liz



There’s a circular garden like a round-about for pedestrians, in the centre of the gardens. Its currently planted in pretty multi-petalled tulips whose petals graduate from yellow inside to white at the edges.



The public gardens are well used. In the above photo you can see a child approaching on a bike, another on a scooter, and then a couple of people with a little dog. To the left there’s an adult sitting at a picnic table.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

13 thoughts on “Terrific Tulips

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    1. Very much enjoying the flowers! At this stage the blossom is disappearing and the tulips are taking over. Some types of magnolia are still in flower but new green growth is visible along with the flowers.

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  1. I have some yellow tulips very like that here – but it will be a very long time before I see them. Lovely to see these – pure sunshine!

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  2. Beautiful. My home town Kawerau has tulips in all the town gardens. The Woodskills Festival is an annual spring event and the tulips are timed to be at their best for it. And despite the town’s issues over the years with all the problems associated with unemployment and low incomes, the tulips are a constant.

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