Which Way: Driving Home

On Sunday Nigel and I drove to Fortrose on the south coast for a lunchtime feed of whitebait fritters. We had a more leisurely drive on the way back and stopped at a few places so I could record some of the waypoints ๐Ÿ™‚

Taking these photos was inspired by the Which Way Photo Challenge

We’d barely left the cafe when I had Nigel pull over so that I could photo the big sign I’d seen as we approached Fortrose. From here its only a few hundred metres to the turn-off where the cafe is, you can see Toetoes Estuary on the right.

Waypoint 1

Which Way? In the case of Curio Bay its Either Way…



Waypoint 2

Our next stop was Middleton Road and I’ve already blogged these photos.

Waypoint 3

I wanted to get photos here at Robinhood Road and Nigel helped out with some great shots. This road sign was taken by him…


In the photo below Nigel is taking a picture of the mirror (there to assist drivers to see approaching traffic that they must give way to)


He took a great shot…


I couldn’t resist a selfie…


Robinhood Rd is a no exit road, with a property for sale somewhere along it


Its a gravel road, servicing farms and farming families


Waypoint 4

Nigel got a shot of me walking down the road to photograph a country driveway. Its springtime so there’s sheep and lambs everywhere


Its not unfamiliar. We visited the property years ago when it was up for sale


Don’t you love these tussocks? Our Southland sub-species is much finer than the North Island tussock. That’s why it flows so beautifully, looks like its just been shampooed!

Below: same driveway. Native flax on the left, tussock on the right. In between you can see the RAPID number (Rural Address Property Identification)


On the opposite side of the road is the turn-out for the rural postie to deliver mail to the letterbox


Returning to the other side and slightly further up the hill, on the same property, are these wonderful old trees shaped by the strong winds that roar through

See which way the wind blows!

Waypoint 5

Small country town of Wyndham. The arrows here leave you in no doubt that we drive on the left in New Zealand. I love the colourful display of tulips!


As long as you’re to the left of the tulips, either way is quite ok!!!


To see more of Wyndham, see my posts on the town of Wyndham

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Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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