On Patrol

The swimming swan had been nest building on the bank. There’s no crossing the bridge to “their” island! The swan on the bridge patrols, marching up and down with a resounding thud, thud, thud! Maple Glen, Southland, New Zealand. Taken by Nigel 15 Sept 2018

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    1. Its a beautiful little bridge Candice – but I’ve never dared walk over it! πŸ™‚ There was another swan couple in a different pond way in the distance. We could see about 5 cygnets. The parents shepherded them away as soon as they noticed us looking!

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    1. That would be so scary for a little kid! The female swan made terrifying noises if we got anywhere near her, Nigel describes the noise being like an oboe. She’d vibrate the noise and make it sound truly menacing!


    1. We keep our distance! When they have babies the male is really fierce. You can’t go anywhere remotely near them without him starting to swim fast across the pond, straight at you with a big wake behind him, he’s like an arrow!

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