Reds and Yellows

Saturday September 15, I’d spent some time wandering around in town in the morning and then in the afternoon we’d decided to pay a visit to the beautiful Southland private garden named Maple Glen. I had these photos in separate folders and looking at them last night I realised that I have some interesting red-yellow variations from both locations. It surprised me to see them; now that it’s Spring what I’m generally seeing is lots of pink, white, and pure yellow.

The town of Gore and the Maple Glen garden are both in Southland, New Zealand

Reds and Yellows from 15 September

Peeling paint and lichen on a pole at the Gore Bowls Club


Polyanthus and pansies, Gore Public Gardens


This golden pheasant was following us around at Maple Glen!


Crown Imperials Fritillaria imperialis at Maple Glen


No red but the Skunk Cabbage does go nice with the yellow Crown Imperials!


I finish with another shot of the peeling paint and lichen ๐Ÿ™‚


I did a couple of Maple Glen posts back in winter, part one and part two

Hope you enjoyed these “reds and yellows” found in Spring ๐Ÿ™‚

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Once in a great while, we’ll see a ring-necked pheasant here (New York), which is a handsome bird, but this fellow is spectacular! I don’t think I would ever wear a jacket with all those colors and designs, but on him, it looks great.

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    1. The golden pheasants are wonderful real-life (and very mobile) garden ornaments! I can’t imagine anything more beautiful to have in the garden! Peacocks are lovely too but these little guys have just as much beauty and I’ll bet they’re much less hassle! He was so cute, clucking away quietly as he kept us company!


    1. Maple Glen has at least half-a-dozen of these pheasants although only the boys are very brightly coloured like this. They run around free. Such a treat to see them free to roam. I’ve only ever seen them in aviaries before!

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    1. I think he’s a heart-breaker! They have many more. Last time we visited Maple Glen, in winter, there were at least half-a-dozen of them that we came across. They were all chasing eachother, I’m guessing it was pairing up time for the mating season!

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