Chicken Of The Woods by Nick Hunter


Chicken of the Woods fruiting body, taken by Nick Hunter. “There are seasons, and then there are seasons within seasons. The final three weeks of summer that define the month of September provide vivid proof of the latter.” This is just one of eleven photos in a fabulous roundup of late summer photos from Nick Hunter, USA posted today. Colourful, charming and surprising these photos are great viewing (seriously, have YOU seen a Banded Woolly Bear caterpillar?).

Nick kindly allowed me to include the wonderful fungus photo above – click on the photo to enlarge. You can view ten more photos of late summer flora and fauna by visiting the original post:

From:  The Great Outdoors in September, 2018

Nick blogs at:  Nick’s Nature Pics

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)    |   Fungus photo by Nick Hunter


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  1. That’s certainly a bright fungus. I don’t recall ever seeing one like it.

    I was surprised to learn last year that New Zealand doesn’t follow the equinoxes as delineators of the seasons. Today happens to be the autumn equinox and therefore the first day of the new season in the United States.

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        1. Most of us do go by the month boundaries but I recalled a very recent news article that mentions the equinox. I even managed to find it again, right down the bottom of this article, which incidentally informs me that we’re returning to winter conditions from Mon-Thurs next week even though its officially spring whichever system you use; the worst hit area of course being down south here – darn! At


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