Greenhills near Bluff

Near Bluff there’s a tiny settlement called Greenhills and we took a little detour there to drive the short distance to Colyers Island. The small island is in private ownership. You soon leave the Greenhills settlement behind and then find a rural beach area with harbour views and of course, Colyers Island.

Photos taken by Liz 01 Sept 2018. Southland, New Zealand.

Greenhills and Colyers Island

My first photo shows the pedestrian bridge leading to Colyers Island. On the hilly ridgeline in the far distance are some wind turbines from Flat Hill Wind Farm. Do you like the long pedestrian bridge? ** Click on the photo to enlarge **


Further along the road is a little beach with a view to the other end of Colyers Island.


In the photo below the aluminium smelter can be seen in the far distance. You may notice a pair of birds faintly visible near the centre of the photo; these were pied stilts.


On the opposite side of the gravel road I saw a farm gateway that was so typical of New Zealand I just had to photograph it. Cabbage tree, flax, and probably an Olearia.


I’ve posted these daffodils recently but I’m adding them into this post too; this is where I found them – in the long grass at the side of this gravel road. Such beauty that has managed to push its way through the long dense grass!


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. I can see what a glorious day it was, and I love the photo of the gate complete with flax and cabbage tree. I planted a cabbage tree in our last garden and often wonder how well itโ€™s going. It wouldnโ€™t be receiving as much attention now!

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