Dancing With The Stars

I dance with these guys, but not literally of course…I “follow” their blogs, I love their photography and from time-to-time I profile their work on my blog. So in this rather fanciful piece of writing I dance with them, its a joy!

This morning I found they’d both posted exceptionally fine photos and I felt moved to profile both in a special post. Pete blogs from Staffordshire in the UK and Mike blogs from Virginia in the US. Both blogs are fantastic!

September dancer by Mike Powell

Damselfly. Variable Dancer (Argia fumipennis). Click on photo to enlarge


By Mike Powell. See Mike’s original post for more information.

Mike blogs at:  Mike Powell | My journey through photography

Chequered Hoverfly Melanostoma scalare by Pete Hillman

Female of the species, rear garden, Staffordshire. Click on photo to enlarge


By Pete Hillman. See Pete’s original post for more photos of this hoverfly.

Pete blogs at:  Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

22 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars

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  1. Many many thanks Liz for sharing of me here, And it is an honour to be alongside Mike and his most beautiful image. I have followed Mike for quite some time now (although I do have some catching up to do) and really enjoy seeing and experiencing the nature on his side of the pond.

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        1. Its 2.21pm here now. Perhaps for you its about bedtime – I don’t know! I’ve never participated in any challenge to date but thanks to your comment to me the other day I checked out BeckyB’s InThePink and I will do some squares, I’ve got some ready to go up soon! Thank you, I got quite interested in it!

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          1. yes – 10 pm here (east coast of us) and I am so excited you will do the squares one – I actually just joined in because so many of my blog friends have been doing them for a while.
            and check out “lens-artist” challenge because it seems like to fit what I know of your work…

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              1. oh right on – then looking forward to staying connected.

                and side note – I will be taking a few weeks off (after tomorrow’s posts)- (family visit and misc stuff) and so see you in october

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                  1. oh I look forward to it – and tell you what – I will do one more pink square post inspired by our connecting.
                    well back story – I had this picture sitting to use but I filed it because I need to do a last couple posts and log off – ha –
                    and well, it is sitting right there and it would make a nice Monday square post –
                    I will link you – ok?

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  2. Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
    I tend to look at my own images in a kind of vacuum, but one of the bloggers that I follow, Liz of Exploring Colour, likes to look for themes across different blogs and puts images from them into a single posting. I was honored today when she matched up one of my images with one by Pete Hillman. Pete and I often use a similar approach to shooting subjects even though we are separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Check out Liz’s posting to see the juxtaposition of two beautiful images. The color palettes in the two images are a bit different, with mine having a cooler tone than Pete’s, but the pinkish red in each shot tends to unify the two images.

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  3. Thanks for the mention, Liz. The photos work well together style-wise and the pinkish red in each of the photos seems to be a similar shade, even though the actual color palette of each is different, with Pete’s image a bit warmer than mine.

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    1. I was so taken with each of them Mike! And very pleased with the resulting post; like you I think they work well together. You’re more than welcome and thanks for the use of your stunning photo!


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