Standout Magnolia

The magnolia stopped me in my tracks as Nigel and I walked into Gore from our home, via Bannerman Park. I nearly missed it, just caught a glimpse of something really bright and almost fluorescent up a side path. I yelled at Nigel to come back and we went via the magnolia instead, delighting in its vibrant colour.

Bannerman Park, Gore, Southland, New Zealand. Taken 12 Sept 2018

Standout Magnolia, Bannerman Park

— Second and third photos by Nigel, other photos by Liz





Tree Magnolia Magnolia campbellii ‘Charles Raffill’, Himalaya

Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)


30 thoughts on “Standout Magnolia

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  1. That is truly glorious. Such a bright spot of colour when other trees are still drab around it. It lifts your spirits doesn’t it?

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  2. Lovely Liz!!! And amazing that you can enjoy spring 🌼🌼 in your corner of the blogosphere while most of us are prepared for the fall. Both seasons have its charm but I prefer spring, when nature wakes up after the winter.🌹🌸

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      1. I love the spring best too – with all the promise of summer to come. Autumn is lovely but makes me feel a little sad – however, I’m telling myself that nature needs a rest over winter so that everything can come back with new energy and life in the spring…

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