All Touchy About Needlework

“A needle is my tool, thread is my medium and stitches are my mark.” – Salley Mavor (quote from Salley’s About page at her blog).

Censored! What do you do when your art is censored?… This post from Salley Mavor was at the top of my Reader this morning.

Salley regularly  posts about her progress in working on illustrations for a book about where children sleep in different cultures around the world. She has to have everything finished by the winter of 2019 for publication in 2020 and she’s very busy! She constructs all these amazing scenes in needlework: I’m talking three-dimensional detailed constructions in needlework! I find her work truly amazing!

But Salley doesn’t confine herself to “pretty” work. She’s also been moving into the political sphere as well. It seems some folk in the US are pretty twitchy about political satire these days.

Which has led to her “Censored” post today.  (By the way, I’m featuring Salley’s work very soon on my blog, I’ve already obtained her permission to share some images of her creative needlework here but haven’t put the post together yet.)


The first part of Salley’s post and a cropped version of her lead image:


What do you do when your art is censored? Do you jump up and down and make a stink or do you take a deep breath and think about what it means? I’ve been doing mostly the latter for the past week, but I’m ready for reasoned action now. My solo exhibit, Liberty and Justice: New Artwork by Salley Mavor, which was to open this weekend at a nonprofit cultural center was cut to the point where there weren’t enough pieces left to warrant a display. So, I was forced to withdraw the remaining pieces from the whole exhibit, 10 days before the opening, after a year of coordinated planning.

To continue reading go to:  Censored

Salley Mavor blogs at  Wee Folk Studio

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)


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    1. Exactly! I’m from a library background too and totally get this. In the US everything seems so politicised! I don’t know whether the Board were concerned about government or private funding, or both. Its a great shame when concerns about funding drive censorship. Definitely not in the public interest!

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