Bluff Flora Foray

Wandering around in Bluff, it wasn’t just the scenery and the buildings that caught our attention. We also found some interesting trees and flowers – native and exotic, garden-worthy and not so garden-worthy. I’ll share with you our finds!

Bluff, Southland, New Zealand

Bluff Flora Foray

We came across a tree and shrub planting between the street and the local school. Both photos by Liz

Young monkey puzzle tree (exotic) and a cabbage tree (native).


Nearby we found another even better young monkey puzzle tree.


Returning from Bluff Hill Lookout we stopped to admire the flower colours of a Hebe (native) and gorse (exotic, extreme nuisance). Hebe – Liz; Gorse – Nigel

They were growing next-door to each other by the road, the hebe probably planted on purpose, the gorse definitely not! Both had their own beauty.


We were back at Bluff again on Saturday afternoon, 01 Sept 2018. An aeonium proudly displayed its flower-head behind the fence of a residential property.  – Liz


This last photo I took just outside of Bluff, a little place on the edge of the harbour called Greenhills. Beautiful fancy daffodils displaying glorious colour among the wild long grass at the roadside edge. What a treasure! – Liz


Text by Liz. Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. I’ve never seen an aeonium in flower like that- and I have one! I’ve discovered that their main growing time is in winter, and of course that’s when mine gets hammered by frost, even under a verandah.

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