Where From Here?

Have you ever wondered what its like to visit ‘Down Under’ to New Zealand, explore the ‘mainland’ or South Island, and follow the highway down south to the very end? Today I’ll show you what its like at Stirling Point where the highway terminates. The closest town is a tiny drive away at Bluff. I’ll be posting about Bluff soon, Nigel and I are very fond of the town.

Stirling Point on a nice day is a really pleasant place to be. When southern gales are sweeping in from Antarctica – not so nice!!!

Stirling Point, Southland, New Zealand

Photos taken by Liz August 14, 2018


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. In the Catlins you can visit Slope Point which is the true most southerly location in the South Island. Its great on a nice day because you walk on a track through some fields to get to the official spot. To get to Bluff you must first go through Invercargill. Did you do the whole Catlins route Balclutha-Invercargill or just part of it?

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      1. No, I have only seen a part of the route. I decided to stay longer in Waikawa before going to Dunedin. The main reason was the insurance of the car. I couldn’t drive gravel route in general. And in the Catlins there are many of them. So then next time…

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    1. Its strange. You stand there and look out to sea and its just a few islands and this vast expanse all the way to Antarctica and you really feel very small in the overall scheme of things. And looking at the signpost – almost 19,000km to London!

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  1. I have pondered that question, Liz, and it was a shame we didn’t make it that far on our South Island trip a few years ago. Never mind, we have an excuse to make another trip. I love being in those kinds of places where you feel the wind might tear your hair out by the roots- as long as you’re dressed warmly enough. Too funny about becoming inflated!

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    1. I hope you visit again Jane! I do believe it would be as easy as wink to inflate and blow away! Actually that reminds me of a wonderful kids book I found at a library a while ago, it was so awesome. About a little dog that holds on to an umbrella and gets blown all around the world. The family cat sees him take off. The dog eventually gets blown home after many hazardous adventures. It finishes with the curious cat heading for the discarded brolly!

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  2. Amazing, I really want to feel thosr southern gales blowing in, they must take your breath and every worry away. I love the photograph with the blues of the sea and sky so well contrasted with the yellow signs to the rest of the world. πŸ€—πŸ€—

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    1. Thanks Dami! I just read what you said about the southern gales to Nigel and he said “you can barely think about breathing… don’t open your mouth or you’ll become inflated!!!”. And honestly, that’s about what its like! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Good question! I was momentarily baffled because I thought “but I showed the chain” and then realised that the chain is in the post I’m putting up tonight! The post isn’t quite finished yet but I was working on it last night hence the confusion! I really like the whole concept of the chain!

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      1. Sorry. I was just wondering if I’d been there and I have. I remember the chain and the signpost but couldn’t remember the name of the place. We had a nice day there too but almost got blown off the lookout later on. We almost needed a chain to hold us down. I like the chain concept too. The unbroken connection to Stewart Island and the comfort of a tether. I look forward to the next post.


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