I Am The Man


When I was growing up we had porridge for breakfast every morning, summer and winter. The brand that mum bought was Creamoata. Its interesting that here in Gore, where we now live, is where the oats were processed and packaged. The iconic mill is right in the heart of Gore although a stock food company operates out of the building these days.

We drove through Gore on the evening of 14 August and the setting sun cast a nice glow on the building and added a little pink to the clouds. It was a great opportunity to get a photo of the old mill. *Click on the photo to enlarge*

The cute character on the building is “Sergeant Dan” and I found this charming poem about him at the Eastern Southland Gallery website:

“I am the man!” says Sergeant Dan,
“I care not one iota,
For who can be,
As strong as me,
When I have my Creamoata!”

Fleming’s Creamoata Mill complex, Gore, Southland, New Zealand

Text and Photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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        1. Very good question Tanja and I did some quick research to find out. The product lines that included Creamoata got sold to a company that shifted production to Australia and eventually it got phased out all together. The Harraways product we eat now is very good!

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  1. Benjamin has had oatmeal for breakfast every morning since he was just a wee one. It sounds as though your Creamoata was similar. What has replaced Creamoata? Little Sgt. Dan reminds me of the old time “Campbell’s Kids” of soup fame here…all sorts of things featured them, even Christmas tree ornaments. Did you have one of Sgt. Dan’s bowls for your porridge? Benjamin will enjoy this post and photo. Thank-you!


    1. Not a Sgt Dan bowl. I did have a lovely heavy bowl with a picture on the bottom and I think it was Royal Doulton because I can remember rabbits all around the rim. I always buy Harraways rolled oats (made on the outskirts of Dunedin in a suburb called Green Island). Thanks Ellen!


  2. I see mills like this and I immediately think of ‘Quaker Oats’. Growing up in NYC I had no concept of mills. However, that changed on a trip through Iowa. The Quaker company was in full blast. One of the strongest, sweetest, and over powerful smells ever !

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