BW04: Beach Shell

Sharon Mann from the blog Make Art…Magic Happens has surely created magic with this drawing using tones of gray to produce a beautiful beach scene featuring a person’s hand holding a mussel shell. This could easily be a New Zealand scene and I guess it could be many other places around the world too!

From:              Gray Tones   |   August 08, 2018

Blog Home:    Make Art … Magic Happens

Gray Tones

Drawing by Sharon Mann


Where The Waves Take Me

I’d already drafted the above post when I re-found a photo that Pete Hillman had posted last year; I was amazed how beautifully it tied in with Sharon’s drawing, almost like its a photo of the shell on the beach before the person’s hand had picked it up.

I really love Pete’s title, Where The Waves Take Me. What a sense of mystery!

** Click on the photo to enlarge **


Photo taken by Pete Hillman. Common Mussel Mytilus edulis, August 2017, Shanklin Beach, Isle of Wight, England.

From:             Where The Waves Take Me  |  Nov 18, 2017

Blog Home:   Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography

Drawing by Sharon Mann | Photo by Pete Hillman
Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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