BW03: Wonder by Tina Schell

This is a reblog, in its entirety, of “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Wonder” by Tina Schell of Travels and Trifles. Tina posted this wonderful discussion about black and white photography on her blog 08 July, 2018.

From:  Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Wonder

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“May you see the world with wonder.”
Charlene Costanzo


This week Patti has invited us to explore “wonder”, a concept that offers many possible interpretations. To me, nothing is more wondrous than the incredible world around us. Amazing as nature may be in full color, I thought it might be interesting to revisit some recent scenes that drew my attention by studying them in black & white.


“To lose wonder is to lose the true element of religion.”
Oswald Chambers

Without the distraction of color, black & white allows us to see detail more clearly. It casts shadows more deeply and draws one into the light – always the most critical element of any image. Contrast becomes more important in a B&W composition as does texture and pattern.


“Imagination makes the world and all the wonders in it.”
Eric Micha’el Leventhal

An image in monochrome brings one’s attention to its mood, often creating more drama or stillness. There is an added element of timelessness, and sometimes a sense of purity. Although the image below was made on a beautiful blue sky day, I find I prefer the simplicity of the capture in black & white.


“There is wonder in everything, the only thing you need to change to see it
is your perspective.” – Taylor Schaken

Finally, there are times when conversion to monochrome can give new life to an image that might otherwise be a throwaway. I loved the image of the little girl below but she was wearing many competing colors and prints, and was standing in a terribly glaring spot on a bright sunny day. For me the conversion to monochrome gave new life to the image.


“Wonders happen either way. With you or without you.”
Sergey Vedenyo

Thanks to Patti for her creative challenge – looking forward to seeing what wonders other bloggers have found.

To see more information about the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, click here.

Reblogged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)    Text and Photos by Tina Schell

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    1. Very much so! I’ve prepared the posts now for all seven days and I’m reluctant to drop it actually 🙂 My first colour post (just working on it now) will have a black and white subject within it!


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