BW02: Lonely Tree

Black and White (02). I’m proud to feature two outstanding photos taken in New Zealand, not too far away from where I live, by Australia-based photographer Lignum Draco. He ventured into the remote Nevis Valley of Central Otago in search of a solitary tree by a small pond with a mountain backdrop that he’d heard about. This is a very isolated, rugged area that you can only drive into by 4WD. After a while, even though it was barely visible from the road, he found the tree.

I selected these two photos from Lignum Draco’s post of 07 August, 2017. There are more photos of the tree, and colour photos of scenery from this spectacular area, at the original post. (I’ve been to Duffers Saddle 1300m but that’s only the start of this long rough road that goes right through to Southland).

From:  Dragon tales of Middle Earth: A tree grows in the Nevis

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A tree grows in the Nevis…

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Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018).   Images by Lignum Draco

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    1. They ARE incredible photos Dami, yes! About as opposite to living in Paris as you can get! Lignum Draco recently did a European trip and he’s posted photos from Paris, actually I’ve just checked his site – overnight he’s posted “Paris in the Spring” and its awesome! And if you look down his blog-home you’ll see he did a post on “Magical Milos” recently which has great photos that I’m sure you’d enjoy 🙂 At: Hope things are cooling down a bit for you, your recent poem suggested a few breezes have returned!

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      1. I will go check this out my dear, thanks for the tip. A few breezes are blowing but I could do with a few more! Off south to the sea for the weekend so will come back refreshed next week. Take care 🤗

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    1. Hey Mike! LD does amazing photography. And this Nevis area is incredible. I’ll give you a link to a previous post of mine that I don’t think you’ve seen. A woolshed made of brake stones. Its right opposite the turn-off to the Nevis Road. (The post explains about brake stones). From here I’ve been up to Duffers Saddle, 1300m, and its amazing. LD has photos of the view if you view his original post. My post: LDs original post:


  1. Those photos are so beautifully composed, the way the clouds and their reflections carry you through to the point in the distance between the hills. Well worth the trip to get that. There’s another tree too, isn’t there, at Lake Wanaka, which has probably been photographed thousands of times, being more accessible.

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    1. Hi Tanja! I love these photos that Lignum Draco took! Its very rugged country in there and his photos speak volumes of the special place it is. You’re far, far away from modern interventions and its just beautiful high country and gold mining history from the old days. Completely different experience and yes very dream-like! I’ve only been to the 1300m Pass at the beginning but I’ve never forgotten what it felt like to be there 🙂

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        1. Its hard work keeping them. As far as I recall a power company wanted to dam this river for power generation and managed to get some powerful entities onside. It took huge pressure from the community to stop it. I’m hazy on the detail but I think rare native fish were found that wouldn’t survive the changes and that scuppered it.

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