Fortrose: Part Four

While wandering along the beach from the old jetty piles to the road, we’d had a good look at the upper foreshore area with its piles of driftwood, pretty water-worn pebbles and shells, bits of pink seaweed, and various human interventions – some nice and some not so nice.

Fortrose:  Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three

Photos taken by Liz, Sunday 05 August 2018. Fortrose, Southland, New Zealand

Fortrose: The Upper Foreshore

**Any horizontal image can be enlarged by clicking on it**

Extra-large driftwood


Pretty mix of small stones and pebbles, shells and seaweed


Non-native marram grass and driftwood



Old waste concrete discarded at the top of the beach


Tyre steps lead from the beach to a cute gate with a large shrubby Hebe behind


Another property has wooden steps but no gate


Tomorrow I’ll share photos from our walk along the road after leaving the beach…

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

12 thoughts on “Fortrose: Part Four

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    1. Thanks LD. I was surprised at the quantity of driftwood but I’m guessing a lot would come down the Mataura River when its in flood and into the estuary. The Mataura River is a big, long river – it comes through Gore (where we live).


    1. All manner of driftwood. There was a scattering of old weathered bits of rich red broken brick, very pretty for what’s just rubbish washed down from the properties above. Thankfully I saw very little other rubbish.

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  1. A wonderful collection of this and that along the beach, Liz! I’m always fascinated by driftwood as I wonder what storm brought it to its current resting place. I was surprised to see what looks like a discharge pipe behind Nigel and the driftwood in such a pristine looking place.

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