Fortrose: Part Three

The beach at Fortrose was a wonderful place to be on Sunday 05 August when Nigel and I enjoyed our walk along the shore on a perfect day with sunshine and no wind. In this post we leave the old jetty posts behind and walk along the beach until we find a gravel road and decide to continue on the road.

Fortrose:   Part One  |  Part Two

Fortrose and Toetoes Estuary, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz

Fortrose: Foreshore

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I was near the old jetty posts when I took the first two photos; I’d simply moved a little closer to the water. The first view is across the estuary and the second view is toward the gap where the estuary is open to the sea.


After we’d wandered further along the beach I turned around and took this photo looking back toward the old jetty posts.


The water had receded further from this end of the beach. Some birds were on the exposed flats, I saw pied oystercatchers and black-backed gulls. I’d expect there were red-billed gulls too but they’re a bit small for me to see at a distance.


The view below shows the beach curving around from the site of the old jetty posts to where we left the beach. Set back from the beach are a succession of simple coastal dwellings. A lot of large driftwood has piled up on the upper part of the beach.


We left the beach at this point because we’d come across a road that looked like it would be interesting to walk along.


To be continued…

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. Thanks Ellen! Tonight my post will look at the high-tide area at the top of the beach. The last one tomorrow night will be quite different, looking at various things we found during our walk along the road which turned out to be really interesting!

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