Fortrose: Part Two

The first photo below is close to where I left off on Fortrose: Part One; the view is toward the gap where the Toetoes Estuary opens to the sea at Toetoes Bay. The outgoing tide has drained further away from the shore at this end of the beach and there’s a lot of driftwood and other detritus deposited at the high-tide mark. Above the driftwood is a zone that has a lot of water-worn smooth stones. Below the driftwood the beach is sandy, shelly and pebbly with random bits of seaweed scattered about.

Fortrose, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz on Sunday 5 Aug 2018

Fortrose: Textures and Layers

** Click on any Horizontal image to enlarge **

In the photo below on the left, about 3/4 up, you can see things sticking up out of the sand. These appear to be the remains of an old jetty or wharf. The very last photo of this post will show these posts in more detail.


Sticks, shells and small stones higher on the shore


Sand, shells, little pebbles and bits of red seaweed


Looking into the water of the estuary


Contrasting bands or layers along the surface of the beach. The old jetty posts are just visible in the distance, on the left


Finally, the remains of the jetty piles sticking up out of the sand


To be continued…

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. The layers are amazing, Liz. The different types of sand/gravel, the layers of tide carried detritus, the colors of the water, and clouds in the sky. It is such a wide open expanse, complex with all those layers yet peaceful at the same time. Beautiful!

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