Maple Glen: Part Two

Part Two of a two-part series on our winter visit to Maple Glen Gardens on Monday 30 July 2018. Maple Glen Gardens are an extensive 45-acre private garden in the rural countryside near Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand. Maple Glen has been created from scratch, literally from farm paddocks, by the Davison family – Muriel, Bob and Rob. The garden is roughly a 30-minute drive from our home in Gore.

Maple Glen: Part One features photos by Liz.
This post features photos taken by Nigel.

Avenue of cherry trees, snowdrops currently in flower. In the spring there’ll be masses of cherry blossom. ** Click on photo to enlarge **


Colourful witch-hazel flowers (Hamamelis). ** Click on photo to enlarge **


We’d only just walked out of the nursery into the gardens when we spotted excited activity from a group of Golden Pheasants. They are free to roam and the males were showing off to the females; they were darting around in a jerky fashion which made their tails bounce along the ground (reminded me of seeing grey squirrels in the UK). There must have been at least half-a-dozen of these colourful males. Fortunately for Nigel, one of them was curious about him and his camera and posed for a photo!


Flaky, colourful bark looking splendid in the late afternoon sunshine. Snowdrops bowing in the background.


Looking down past snowdrops and across the gully to beautiful little stands of birch trees with ghostly white trunks.


Rob Davison has been developing extensive new garden and pond areas.


Links:       Maple Glen Gardens Website   |   Maple Glen Facebook

Whatever you do, if you’re in Southland don’t miss visiting Maple Glen because its a real treat. Open every day of the year from 9am until 5pm. Entry by donation.

1221 Wyndham-Letterbox Road
Wyndham, New Zealand

Text by Liz and Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)


17 thoughts on “Maple Glen: Part Two

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  1. That Golden Pheasant is really strutting his stuff hoping for one of the females to fall for his charms! I believe these originated in China and are thought to be lucky. How wonderful that some are freely roaming and can be enjoyed at Maple Glen Gardens. It is a beautiful place indeed! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As Nigel says, “he’s quite a beast!” We were excited to see a whole group of them free to roam. Usually you only see 1 or 2 in an aviary cage. Completely different seeing them enjoying life in the open 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Its lovely to see the pheasants just running around outside in the garden. The gardens are amazing. Muriel started the garden in the early 1970s. Its a wonderful place to visit spring, summer and autumn, and not bad in winter either!


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