Teapot Tribute

My beautiful teapot, the only teapot I’ve ever loved, must be discarded. Despite lots of hairline cracks (crazing I think its called) it did the job for years. But now it leaks a puddle of tea every time I use it. As soon as I find another, it must go.


Many of you know how much I love my cuppa – my teapot and I have shared many moments. I found it in a shop in Dunedin and since then its been a familiar and faithful friend to Nigel and I, always good for a brew when we want to take a break.

The photo below also features a wee dish I’m very fond of.Β  I got it for $5 and use it to put the teaspoon on after stirring the tea. At least it should be around for some time yet.


Goodbye dear teapot.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. I’m surprised at the level of engagement with this post and its been really heart-warming. I just never expected so many responses! Ellen (“Gem”) has bestowed a name on my teapot and from henceforth it is “Teana” which I love! And I’m going to look at making “Thyme in a Teapot” by either planting thyme directly in it, or putting a small pot inside it πŸ™‚


  1. Oh, that is sad. I too have a favourite teapot in need of repair. Hope I can find a clever person to fix the tip of the spout that I knocked off by mistake. All good wishes for finding another – especially one that pours well!

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  2. Aw what a shame. I can relate. I get very attached to my mugs (yes shamefully I drink my tea from a mug). I like just the right shape and just the right weight, terribly OCD I know and once they’re chipped they have to go. I have a mug collection in my garden. Woodlice and spiders love them.

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  3. It is never easy to lose an old friend! This dear teapot is worthy of your tribute. She (“it” seems a demeaning term) is also worthy of upcycling to a new life, a reincarnation of sorts. Consider using her as a vase for flowers on your table by placing a plastic cup inside and cutting to fit if needed. Or, use her on a desk to hold pens, paint brushes or whatever needs holding. Or, make a birdhouse/bird feeder by suspending her from the handle with the spout hanging down for your feathered friends (a neighbor has done this with excellent success). Or, place her somewhere to be admired for simply what she was…a treasured friend whose time has not quite passed. May her days not be numbered…we all grow old, but never useless! Thank-you!

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      1. I am equally delighted to have delighted Nigel and you! You see, I can identify with your teapot. I have my own crazing and am not quite the “pot” that I used to be either, but I am useful in ways that even I may not yet know…not unlike your teapot. Sometimes the worth of a thing is only what you attach to it. Thank-you!

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        1. That’s beautiful Ellen! Would you like to write a post for my Where and What is Beauty series? You have lovely thoughts and convey them beautifully, I think you should have a wider audience! Would you?


          1. You so completely caught me by surprise, that I needed time to recover. I am truly honored and flattered! I am only good for a few notable comments, but probably for more of the not so notable ones. I do, however, have someone in mind that most definitely is worthy. Jennie blogs on “A Teacher’s Reflections.” Per her blog she has been : “Teaching preschool for over 30 years. This is my passion.” Some time ago, Jennie had written this in one of her posts : “Stories are the keepers of words and memories.” I loved it and she kindly gave me permission to repeat her words. Currently, she is posting a series about a quilter named Milly, quilts and the classroom children. Please visit her blog, it is fascinating! Thank-you so much!

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            1. Dear Ellen, you are so sweet and I treasure every comment you ever add to my blog (as well as others that I find elsewhere in the blogosphere from time-to-time). I will be sure to visit Jennie’s blog on your recommendation – thank you!


              1. One last thought! A follow-up post on this dear little teapot’s new role. She and I have become a sort of kindred spirits. Benjamin has a habit of bestowing a name upon everything, whether animate or inanimate. Your teapot is henceforth known as Teana, at least to me. Thank-you!

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                1. Oh I like that Ellen, very much! Right now I’m asking Jennie if I may publish her story on my blog about the lady from Beijing seeing the blue sky for the first time ever! Oh dear, that is so shocking! To no know blue sky!!!


                  1. I am so pleased that you visited Jennie’s blog. I hope that you will read the ongoing series about Milly and the quilts. Thank-you for giving thought to my thought!

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