An Important Question…

Some time ago I connected through some happy accident with Natalie Scarberry in Texas USA. Natalie loves colour and everything about her blog is colourful. There’s lots of warm bright orange at her home page, and all of her posts feature colourful imagery accompanied by encouraging texts that are often brightly coloured as well! She also has a very special garden with lots of colourful flowers sometimes featured in her posts. I was blown away by the beautiful hollyhocks that she grows and I featured a pink hollyhock photo of hers in Cool Blue and Hot Pink in which her photo provided the hot pink. Natalie’s strong faith enables her to face ongoing challenges with great courage. She is an inspiration to me and no doubt to the rest of her 2,647 followers. Thank you Natalie!

On July 03 this year, one particular post of Natalie’s grabbed my attention and possibly was a catalyst in my recent progress. At the very least it made me sit up, take notice and take a good hard look at myself. I think its a good question to share.

And if I…

**Image found on Pixabay; text added by Natalie

From:   And if I…

Blog home:   Sacred Touches

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