Giving and Receiving

This week has been a very unusual week for me. On Sunday I was one of four participants who spoke at an art gallery event in Dunedin about Colour. I called the talk ‘My Colour Journey’ and shared about me, colour, and my experience of blogging. My delivery fell well short of what I aspired to but it was from the heart.

The only reason I started blogging was to get a little experience so that I could help Nigel set up a blog for his business. Some personal things had contributed to me living under a dark cloud and I hadn’t expected any help from blogging. I called my blog Exploring Colour and it is, and has been, quite a journey (it began in May 2017).

Immediately after creating my first post I came across a blogger living in Paris and my second and fourth posts were poems of his that I reblogged. He kindly followed my blog, the first follower apart from me!

I found his childhood story at his blog and although our stories are very different I felt a connection with his story and the way he told it with some references to colour.  I commented on it and his reply contained this gem:

“I think to really see the colour in life you have to touch the black and white and work up through the grey, take hold of the shadows until the light can make its way through them, the rainbow gift after the downpour.”

— Damien B. Donnelly

That was the most perfect advice I could possibly have received, and in the language of colour. Absolutely beautiful! It was the beginning of my escape from the dark cloud.

Damien blogs at Deuxiemepeau; Picturing Poetry by Damien B. Donnelly



PEACE LIGHT XI  |  Robert Piggott

Peace Light XI; my preferred horizontal view. — Liz

Damien’s quote was one of many things I shared in my talk but it was a key event in my colour journey. It meant a lot to me the day after the talk when the gallery owner, Robert Piggott, gave me a gift he knew I’d treasure – a signed print of a very colourful work of his that brings to mind Damien’s quote whenever I look at it. It’ll always remind me of when I fought my reticence and told a small audience something of my real story.

“Art is a creative expression of the human spirit”

— Robert Piggott. Conversation 16 July, 2018

Robert Piggott Art Gallery, Dunedin
8 Jetty Street. 021 106 2744

Poster for the current exhibition Chromatone that runs till 30th July


Exterior detail of the Robert Piggott Art Gallery


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Liz, I am sorry I am so late getting to this. I am so touched and grateful that we found each other here and am very proud to have been your first blog fan! Roberts Peace Light could not have been more of a fitting gift to you, it is an incredible piece of art and so perfectly symbolizes your journey into the coloured lights. Congratulations once again on your willingness to open up and share your journey. I am so happy to have been a tiny spark among the rainbow of fireworks you are now igniting. Both yourself and Nigel have been so giving and encouraging with your comments on my blog that I feel like I receive so much positivity from you. Best wishes and huge hugs, Dami

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    1. The way that you see things, and the wonderful way that you have with words, is surely something that is very uniquely your own. It is a very, very special gift. I’m so very thankful for you. Huge hugs to you too!

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      1. Well now I am floating on a cloud of happiness and can hopefully rise above the Paris heat, we are on track to hit 35 degrees today, that is not something the city is capable of sustaining or enduring. Fingers crossed they got the figures wrong.

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            1. Oh you poor thing! Nigel says to make sure you Hydrate! Do take care! I thought I might put together a “Woven” topic post about things in nature that “weave” and also I’m thinking about posting Jean’s sketch and photo and inviting others to participate, like in the Snow Dragon. I’m sure Jean would be fine as I’ve featured a photo of hers on my site before. I could ask her if participants can include her sketch and/or photo on their sites with credit/link back to her. Jean is a lovely person. But I’d only publish an invite like that if you’re ok with the idea too (?)

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              1. I am keeping the water as my constant companion! Nigel can rest assured!
                That’s great about the woven topic. I had mailed Jean already today to see if I could use her artwork for my poem but if you feature it I will wait. Just finishing it now!!

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                1. I’ve just left a msg with Jean about the Woven idea (I saw your msg there), told her what a wonderful poet you are (you are!), and given her a link to what you did on the Snow Dragon as well as to my Menu page for the Snow Dragon. We’ll see what she says! 🙂

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  2. I remember as a teenager, when human nature perplexed me, my Father would say : “Everyone has a story, many remain untold.” It took me many, many years to understand what he was really trying to tell me. It is courageous of you to explore your untold story and even more courageous to share it. The words from Damien B. Donnelly are an extraordinary piece of wisdom and they bear repeating! Robert Piggott’s Peace Light XI is beautiful, I love his quote! Thank-you!

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    1. I took a minute to meditate on your Father’s saying and when it sunk in I realised how wise it is. You would think I of all people would understand that when I get an odd response from someone there could be all sorts of reasons for that but sadly I think the penny has dropped only recently. Duh! Lovely to hear from you again Ellen!


  3. I read your two most recent posts in reverse order, so I am a bit late in commenting on this post and I know more about the dark cloud which you have referenced here. First of all, congratulations on being willing to talk about colour (color to me 🙂 in such a public setting. For most people, public speaking is a terrifying exercise.

    Your postings in this blog have often stimulated to think about color and beauty and about larger concepts that go beyond a particular image. You have caused me to ask myself complex questions about who I am and who I want to be.

    Life is messy and complicated and we all have our good moments and our bad moments. Sometimes it seems that the best we can do is to adjust our trajectory so that we keep moving in a generally positive direction.

    I think that the title of your blog says a lot, Liz. “Exploring” is a great way to live!

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    1. Thanks so much for what you’ve shared with me Mike, for the time and thought you’ve put into your comments, and for your care and encouragement. I’m really touched, and very encouraged. Wow! Thank you!


    1. Thanks Jane! I said more about my real story in my talk. Am considering if and how to share that on my blog. A different medium requires a different approach. I truly believe that if we share our stories that they will help others who are currently struggling with difficult things in their own lives. Thanks, Liz


    1. Thanks dear Bishop Jake. It means a lot to me that you came and read this. The progress I’ve made this year owes much to your help when I needed it. I’ll be forever grateful dear friend.


  4. I have been under the influence of that dark cloud in the past, and sometimes it lurks just around the corner even now. Being creative and keeping busy, and Positive with a capital ‘P’ seems to ward it off. Being close to nature is also a healing element in all of this for me. I am so glad you have moved past your darkness into the brilliant light and colourful world! Well done with your presentation, Liz! 🙂

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    1. So appreciate you sharing this Pete. I met Damien, you and Bishop Jake Owensby very early in my blogging journey and all three of you have been an immense help and encouragement. Knowing people like you guys is a real joy! Feeling very thankful 🙂

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        1. Thanks so much Pete. Please stick with me because I’ll probably go further in sharing my story. I’ve been discussing it with Nigel and I’m thinking about how to structure it. It needs serious thought, if I do it you’ll understand what I meant here.

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    1. Hi Carol! I’ve been pondering on the sharing thing a lot just lately. I’ve learned from others who have been brave enough to share their stories. Stories are really important. If all of us shared our stories more openly perhaps more people would feel empowered to push through their own dark clouds whatever they may be. I’m still in the process of thinking this through – very carefully. Our personal stories usually intersect with other people close to us as well, so these things have to be handled with sensitivity. Needs careful navigation!


    1. Thank you Ellen, I’m in a much better place now and it just gets better all the time! The gift was completely unexpected and its wonderful to have something so beautiful and tangible that I can keep to remember this amazing part of my life journey!

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