Whale Rider

On Monday when we were in Dunedin I asked Nigel to take me to the Otago Art Society Annual Exhibition. As always there was a wonderful variety of art on display but this was my favourite.

This is a watercolour by Doug Hart simply called Whale Rider.

** Click on the photo to enlarge **


I love the style of this artwork. There was no further information displayed near the painting but I assume that this watercolour is based on Whale Rider, initially a novel by Witi Ihimaera and then an excellent movie of the same name was released in 2002. While its very much a New Zealand story, I feel that its a story that would appeal to anyone anywhere. It also provides an insight into life and culture in New Zealand and the tension between old and new, traditional and modern.

Photo taken by Liz Mon 16 July 2018

Further Reading

Whale Rider – Wikipedia

Whale Rider – The Movie

Otago Art Society Website
— The annual exhibition is due to finish soon, ends 22 July 2018

Text and Photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018).


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  1. I love the film Whale Rider. It has such a powerful message and like you say, gives a lot of insight into the culture of New Zealand.I think I have seen it three times. This is a lovely artwork as well.

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    1. So amazing that I hadn’t really thought much about it in the personal sense! It would be Tanja! The experience would leave me breathless I’m sure; holding my breath mightn’t be the issue as much as remembering to take it again! Thanks!

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  2. I loved the movie, and I very much like the watercolour too. I liked the setting of the movie, I think on North Island’s East Cape, an area I’ve only visited once but always intended revisiting.


        1. Thank you, yes, the movements are special in many ways. The breakers and waves (and their sound), the foam, the birds diving for fish, seeing dolphins, the swirling kelp and the shells, driftwood and other interesting bits and pieces tossed up on the sand after a storm. So many gifts!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Candice. I’m sure I’d enjoy Canadian Inuit art as well in that case. The outline filled-in with patterns style reminds me also of the Gond Art I posted about recently from India. The similarities in tribal art from different countries has become quite interesting to me recently! I don’t know anything about Doug Hart so will have to try and find out more.

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