Pretty and Pink, Two’s Company

Yesterday I posted about a pink house in Eastbourne Street, Caversham that I spotted while we were driving down the street. There’s another pink house directly across the road and together they make quite a statement. Here’s a photo taken by Nigel that includes both houses (as well as me getting my photo).

Eastbourne Street, Caversham, South Dunedin, New Zealand. Taken 17 July 2018

First is Nigel’s photo and for convenience I’ve re-posted my photo below.

** Click on either photo to enlarge **



First photo by Nigel. Second photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

10 thoughts on “Pretty and Pink, Two’s Company

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    1. Its very interesting that these neighbours have each gone with this colour – could be an interesting story I reckon! I don’t think the picket fence would make you dizzy as in reality it doesn’t hit you in the eye the same as in my photo – so you can blame me for the dizzy effect!

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    1. You mean the house on the right? I hadn’t given it much thought to be honest but the roof and garage door tend toward the brown end of red – enough to make them reasonably neutral I think, not too clashing!?

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