Ode to Snow Dragon



— Poem by Liz Cowburn; Exploring Colour

Softly surging through the water

Near me I would have you stay

Onward going, never slowing

Wondrous how you surf the waves!

Dignified determination

Raging torrents all around

Anxious to pursue your journey

Going, flowing, ocean-bound

One brief glimpse through foamy spray

Nature’s gift, soon borne away


This poem is in response to a general Creative Invitation posted yesterday on my blog. Please follow the link for details if you’d like to join in!

Here is the photo that inspired this poem, do you see the Snow Dragon?

— Having trouble seeing it? Click on this Snow Dragon link (you can access this same page from the top Menu on my blog-site).

– Click on photo to enlarge –


Snow Dragon found and captured (on camera!) by Pete Hillman / Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography

Poem written by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)
Top photo: Arlekim/Pixabay
Second photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay
Last photo: The original Snow Dragon captured by Pete Hillman

22 thoughts on “Ode to Snow Dragon

Add yours

    1. It means a lot to me that you’ve left this comment Candice and so kind of you! I’m really looking forward to reading what you come up with. Like I said before, I know good things take time but its really nice to know that you’ll have a go!

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    1. Your photo was the catalyst that inspired this huge mental effort to go further than haiku. This is really big for me – to do something longer that actually sounds like a poem. Yesterday I re-read it repeatedly because I simply couldn’t believe I’d done it!

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