Mossburn Surrounds

These photos are all taken from the road and close to Mossburn, either as we were approaching the village or a few km down the road after we’d left.

Mossburn, Northern Southland, New Zealand. Taken by Liz; 30 June, 2018

Dunrobin red tussock grassland. The Southland sub-species of red tussock is particularly fine and looks amazingly beautiful. This is a private reserve in a farming area.


The next two photos are taken from the bridge that crosses the Oreti River. Huge wide riverbeds like this are typical of the large South Island braided rivers. The pool in the foreground is where gravel has been extracted in the past.



White Hill wind farm has 29 turbines and started generating electricity in June 2007. You can see some of the turbines dotted along the ridgeline in the photo below.


I’ve mainly included the photo below to show the hedges, important as wind shelter. The lower hedge in the foreground is a gorse hedge. You still see quite a few of these in country areas. The settlers established gorse hedges as fences but gorse quickly became an extremely invasive nuisance in New Zealand.


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. I see a touch of snow on the hills, too, Liz, so I guess it’s rather cold. On our last trip to NZ we missed the tussock country, which is a shame. Oh well, another time……

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    1. In Gore we’ve had endless rain and its cold but not the extreme frosty cold of a few weeks back. According to the news Dunedin had a very frosty start this morning but also a beautiful sunrise! I’m just hanging out for spring as I’m not keen on our current weather at all!


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