Mossburn Muffins Mmm!

Chocolate and caramel muffins, hot chocolate and mochaccino. Delicious afternoon tea, enjoyed at Bracken Hall cafe and gift shop. Mossburn is a tiny village way out in the Southland rural countryside. Its on the tourist route to Fiordland which probably explains why this tiny town has two cafes and a diner! I recommend Bracken Hall for the friendly welcome, tasty food, delicious hot beverages and interesting gift shop. What more could you want?

Bracken Hall Cafe and Gift Shop, Mossburn, Southland, New Zealand.
Photos taken by Liz 30 June, 2018



Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

16 thoughts on “Mossburn Muffins Mmm!

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        1. There was an interesting array of nice things for sale – as Nigel just said to me “it didn’t look tacky”. If we’d had more time I would’ve been quite happy browsing in there for a while.

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    1. Particularly so in Mossburn 🙂 Now that I know, I’d be tempted to beg Nigel to take me all the way over there any day I’m desperate for a decent hot beverage! Only an HOUR’s drive away, hmmm!

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  1. Chocolate and caramel muffins sound yumalicious! You must describe them in more depth…caramel inside? I am growing faint from the desire for a taste of one, maybe even two. You and Nigel always find the best places to dine. Thank-you!

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    1. Yumalicious sounds a great word Ellen! They had a blob of caramel in the centre at the bottom. The muffin itself was dense and very filling, perhaps made with wholemeal flour. Had beautiful texture and tasted divine. I didn’t actually make it to the caramel blob as I’m a small eater and asked Nigel to help me out!

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      1. You will not find yumalicious in Webster’s dictionary, at least not yet. It is yummy and delicious that I roll into one word. The Mossburn Muffin definitely rates a fantabulous! Doesn’t that word have a nicer ring to it than fantastic and fabulous? I’m sure that I would have gotten at least some of that caramel center before sharing.

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