Community Open Day

Yesterday I introduced you to a very bright and colourful community garden in South Invercargill that looks great any time of year. We saw a view that included the new community centre and shop where an ‘Open Day’ was taking place. I’d like to take you a bit closer to the action – its all just a few steps away from the community garden!

South Alive is an urban rejuvenation project. South Alive opened its Social Enterprise “The Pantry” in 2017 and the first stage of its new community centre for South Invercargill in 2018.

– This post is Part Two of “Colour My Community” –

Community Open Day


The Pantry is a retail shop that offers a huge range of bulk foods, international foods, and has a small cafe and sit-down area.


Every time I wandered outside I’d notice the Clown chatting to kids and parents. In this photo he’s making a balloon toy for the children.


Child on a scooter heading down to where most people are – outside The Pod where there’s a barbeque, bouncy castle, and entry into rooms that have special activities today.


Barbeque, parents making use of pretty pink and blue seats, entrance into rooms with special activities (making draught stoppers, bug motels, ‘crop swap’ (garden food), home composting workshop). Out of the frame is a bicycle set up with a blender and a nearby supply of cut-up fruit. You can pedal the bicycle to whizz-up your own fruit smoothie!


Inside The Pantry a group of adults and children were gathered around some tables where a lady was mixing up batches of ‘slime’ in a stainless steel bowl. The ‘slime’ came in various colours. Seemed like the adults were as interested in the goo as the kids!


The Pantry is a lovely bright and cheerful food shop/cafe. More on this soon…

rsz_inv_schub_07Great event, smiles all round!

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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