Colour My Community: Part One

A passionate group of people in South Invercargill have been working hard over the last few years planning, designing, fundraising and project managing a community hub to bring life and vitality to a tired, dreary part of town that I’ve never previously wanted to stop at or visit. That’s changed!

On the morning of Saturday 23 June I visited the hub with Nigel – he had a meeting there and I went along to keep him company. It turned out that they had an Open Day for the community and we returned later in the afternoon to relax and take a look around.

The community garden was the first development at this site so I thought I’d start with some photos of their wonderful brightly coloured raised planters. Remember that its currently winter in New Zealand but this garden looks great any time of year!

The Community Garden

** Click on any photo to enlarge **

rsz_inv_comm_garden_01The sign in the garden says “Welcome to our Garden”. Taken by Liz

rsz_inv_comm_garden_02Despite being winter there were plenty of plants in the planters. Taken by Liz

rsz_inv_comm_garden_03The mix of bright, happy colours made me smile. Taken by Liz

rsz_inv_comm_garden_04View toward the community hub from the garden. Taken by Nigel

Being a community ‘open day’ there was a bouncy castle for the kiddies, a clown, a barbeque and lots of other interesting activities. You can see in Nigel’s photo above that the Fire Service have turned up with a fire truck that has a snorkel. When I saw them raising the snorkel I ran outside and took this shot …

rsz_inv_comm_garden_05Wow – that’s high!

Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)


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  1. I love these raised garden beds! Wow! How awesome is that to bring a community together and the bright colours are so inviting. The right sort of garden to encourage a love of gardening in children for sure! Thank you for sharing this.

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