Five Eyes: Ellen Jennings

Ellen Jennings lives in the South Carolina Lowcountry, USA and photographs the abundant wildlife and natural environment in her area. She has a knack for capturing a little ‘something special’ of the character of her subjects that keeps me hooked on her imagery!

Passing By Photo is a collection of Ellen’s photography:  Home  |  Image Posts

Any information provided is what I’ve summarised from Ellen’s original blog-post. You’ll find more information, and in most cases more photos, if you follow the Link to the original blog-post.

** You can click on ANY image below to fast-link to Ellen’s large-size image **


Barred Owl, fledged owlet, peering down through the branches. Beidler Forest.

Link:   Barred Owl Owlet  |  19 May, 2018


Link:  Pileated Woodpecker Feeding Fledgling  |  27 May, 2018


To see the beautiful bright blue eye of the ibis click on the photo for enlarged version

Link:   Juvenile White Ibis  |  29 April, 2018


Turtle (Yellow-bellied Slider) on top of an Alligator … and reflected in the water.

Link:  Turtles Extreme Posing  |  25 January, 2017


The eye of a Great Blue Heron. What a great shot! – Liz

Link:  I Spy … An Eye  |  24 October, 2016

BONUS photo … You can’t beat all these ‘eyes’ !!! – Liz


Link:  Strutting Peacock  |  27 May, 2018

This is the sixth post in the series “Five Eyes”: to see the others click HERE

Selected and Arranged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

– All Photos Taken by Ellen Jennings (and used here with permission) –

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