Bright is Beautiful

Yesterday morning I came across a colourful blog-post by Sayanti Dasgupta that features the photo below, and I was blown away by it. Sayanti was very helpful answering my questions and I found out that this Gond mural is next to the entrance of the first floor of her house. I also learned from Sayanti that ‘Gond’ is a tribal art form of India, that Gond Art belongs to Madhya Pradesh, a state of India.

Original blog-post:   Bright is Beautiful | 02 April, 2018

Sayanti’s website and blog:   Weekend Hamesha

Vibrant Gond mural. Taken by Sayanti Dasgupta

If you’d like to know more just search on Gond art or Gond painting. I particularly enjoyed Painted Songs

Sayanti if you read this, thank you for your blog-post and photo. I think you’ve opened up a whole new world – this art style really appeals to me!

Photo by Sayanti Dasgupta, used with permission. Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

keywords: deer, stag, hind, antlers

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