Rock Solid

Nearly missed taking a photo of this big boulder. I’d just got comfy in the car after being out in the cold, looked out the window, and realized I’d forgotten to photo this rock when I was outside. So back outside I went …

Butchers Gully, Butchers Dam, Lye Bow Road, Alexandra; Central Otago, New Zealand


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Benjamin says : “This is a monster with one eye, a nose, a mouth, a chin and lots of lichen all over his humongous head, the rest of him is in the ground.” I was not seeing the mouth until he pointed it out to me. He knows all about lichen ” cause Daddy telled me!” At times, Benjamin’s imagination amazes me. Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. I think Benjamin’s description is better than the rest of us all put together! I especially like the reference to “the rest of him is in the ground”. Benjamin sees him as a whole living entity and not just as a sculptural head. I’ve a mind to re-publish the photo with Benjamin’s description which I’d credit to him of course. While I mull that over would you please let me know if you and his parents would be ok with that? Perhaps you could email me a small photo of Benjamin? Something a bit outdoorsy would be nice! I’d only do it of course with the blessing of the immediate family!


    2. When I replied to you this morning, I was thinking of my Rock Face post a few days ago and didn’t realise my mistake until tonight. Its very interesting that Benjamin sees a face in this rock and having looked at it again I agree with him!


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