Rock Face (do you see the face?)

Rock Face (do you see the face?)  – Looks like an aristocratic man’s face to me, in profile with nose toward the power pole. Lawyer’s head? What do you see? Taken by Liz at Butchers Dam near Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand, Sat 02 June 2018. **Click on the photo to enlarge**

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  1. I definitely see the face and didn’t even need your hint to identify it. The head fits right in with the rugged landscape, though the telephone pole looks a little out of place. For what it’s worth, I also see a wild animal with an open mouth a bit lower and to the right in the image.

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    1. Yes, the lower feature is interesting. It looks like some kind of overhang. In the gold rush days miners, and the Chinese miners, would often live in natural rock openings making them into a hut of sorts. I’m always watchful for these kind of features in Central Otago. The pole does stick out like a sore thumb unfortunately!

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